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Rank and rent club reviewRankand Review: Background

In this review, we take a closer look at what’s on offer, and whether it might be right for you. Rank And Rent Club ( is a new internet marketing product comprising training and software, launched on May 28th 2020 by internet marketers Todd Spears and Herc Magnus. It’s oriented around SEO (search engine optimization), and on the basis that snake oil salesmen only sell snake oil, let’s first check out the product creators before getting too excited about the product.

Todd Spears - creator of rankandrent.clubSpears is a Texas State University computer science grad with a string of internet marketing product launches to his name. He was a pioneer in the comparatively new field of SEO (search engine optimization) in the early 2000’s, and built and sold a company for 7 digits in 2003. Unlike many founders of glitzy and over-hyped IM products, with his background and experience of building companies he appears to actually understand this stuff. (He certainly isn’t in the same category as Jono Armstrong, Art Flair, Brendan Mace, Billy Darr and all those other purveyors of bright shiny objects we could mention.)

herc magnus, founder of rankandrent.clubSpears partnered with Canadian rocker and SEO specialist Herc Magnus five years ago, and together they developed and released PixelScout and Project Supremacy – both of which have seen enduring success. Rank and Rent Club is their latest venture, and builds on some of the technology and ideas of their earlier products.

Given the pedigree of the founders, you might hope for good things from, so let’s crack on with the review…

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The Method rests on four main principles:

  1. Finding keywords that are easy to rank but are also profitable
  2. Building a website that is optimized to rank for those keywords in the search engines
  3. Ranking the website using SEO techniques to ensure it receives lots of views and can generate inquiries
  4. Renting the website to a business owner who, so the argument goes, will be happy to pay for a performing, and therefore valuable, internet asset. logoIt’s evident then that is primarily about creating a service business for local companies who are desperate to get more leads and customers through Google. If local business is not your interest, then this may not be for you. That said, there are over 30m small businesses in the US alone – plenty of scope. But obviously, the success of the approach then depends on how well you can undertake these four basic tasks.

Fortunately, there’s also software to make the job easier, four  in fact, and these are products developed in-house, helping the jigsaw pieces of the model fit together better.

Software included in the course:

  1. Keyword Supremacy – To help find profitable niches & keywords.
  2. Project Supremacy v3 – A WordPress plugin that helps SEO optimize webpages and allow multisite management .
  3. Local Supremacy – Another plugin that overlays “For Rent” and other such popovers simplifying the task of marketing the ranked website
  4. SERPscout – A tool to prospect for local rental prospects

The Rank And Rent Model

Rank and Rent is not new – Alex Becker was pushing this heavily a few years ago, and a range of products, like SERPShaker and Workhorse, appeared that helped website creators build sites with hundreds of pages, each lightly optimised for a different hyperlocal area. By using spintax, each page would seem different and unique to Google, and so many, if not all, would rank highly, and be suitable for renting. The problem with this was that Google quickly caught on, and the result was that barely anything ranked and therefore there was barely anything to rent. Not a robust method for creating a business.

But the Rank and Rent model does not just apply to websites – in principle the idea can apply to any rankable online asset that can be used to direct traffic to another property. Youtube videos have been used in this way, but, not unreasonably, many local business owners view such methods with suspicion.

The approach used by is similar in principle but different in practice to the concepts outline above. The asset that is ranked is a complete website, not just a page on the website, and the focus is on creating a high quality asset under the full control of the owner, not just a collection of nearly-identical spam pages, thrown online like paint thrown at a wall. User Experience

Visitors to the site are encouraged to join for free, and the offer certainly seems generous: access to tens of videos fronted by Herc Magnus, with extensive whiteboard explanations. The videos are not five minute snapshot affairs  – each one contains solid content, several running for half an hour or so. In addition, there are comprehensive webinars addressing specific topics in great detail and these last well over an hour. Free members do not have access to the replays, and as you move through the site you will probably begin to appreciate the sales strategy for Ultimately, the free access allows visitors gain a sense of the quality and style of the teaching, and also, presumably to get a sense of whether this is for them. Discounted access to some of the tools is also available, but of course, if you splash out on full membership, these are free.

What’s the catch? Not a catch, but definitely a strategy: if you like what you see, you’ll be interested to sign up to the full course which weighs in at – wait for it – $2,000 per year. Yes, that’s right- four digits.

$2,000! – you’re kidding, right?

No, it’s that expensive; this is high ticket product, but before you click away, consider the following:

If you were buying a business franchise system in the US right now, you’d be paying upward of $10k or more, depending on what the franchise was. Even home-office-based businesses command high prices. The question I would ask – what’s the difference? Although there are some finicky legal details that means that this product is not a franchise in the eyes of the law, in practice, it boils down to something very similar.

If you’re used to buying $17 eBooks offering some get rich quick scheme, then this is as different as chalk and cheese. But if you think of as a non-exclusive franchise-like model, it is actually pretty cheap. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Not convinced? OK – well how much do you think you’d be willing to spend to learn to play a musical instrument? Let’s assume you wanted to be play so well that you could charge for recitals.

  • You could decide to try to learn by yourself and save a lot of money, but the vast majority of people adopting this approach would fail.
  • Or you could employ a mediocre teacher, have a couple of lessons and then go away and practice.
  • But if you employed an expert teacher whose sole intent is to ensure you can achieve your goal, you might expect to have a reasonable shot at success – and expect to pay more as a consequence.

It boils down to how much you’re prepared to invest in yourself. Review Conclusions

So, to wrap up this review of, who is this going to suit? For those serious enough to invest in a new business opportunity, it offers everything you need to get started. Also note that you will need additional money to invest in hosting, domains and advertising, but you could get started for an additional $100 or so.


The Rank And Rent model is something that does require a certain confidence in playing with online technology. If the internet scares you – this is not for you.

The two aspects of that I like, and make it, in my mind, worthy of serious consideration are:

  1. The presale free offer is of significant value: you can get a very good idea of what the product is like by watching the videos. That alone makes it worth signing up regardless of whether you intend to buy the course. Using the music teacher analogy, this is like getting the first six lessons for free with no obligation to buy afterwards. You can get a good idea about the teacher from this approach.
  2. There is a 7 day money-back guarantee – and, although I wouldn’t recommend it, because the course if offered via Clickbank, you could conceivably invoke the Clickbank 60 day guarantee if push came to shove.

Final Words

There you have it: a high ticket course on a well-established business model, that you can access for nothing. For people comfortable with online technology, seeking a clear and easily-followed way forward, and crucially, with pockets deep enough, checks many boxes. Production quality is high, explanations are clear and the content is constantly being expanded. There’s support through the forum and social networks, making it hard to fail for those who can put simple instructions into practice.

If you’re looking for quick fixes and hacks, and are not able to invest, then won’t be for you, but this is our TOP TIP:  sign up for the free option and access the basic content, plus detailed webinar content and it won’t cost you a dime!


But what if it’s not for me?

As I hope I’ve explained, may not float everyone’s boat, and most people just don’t have $2,000 spare to throw at a business opportunity, even if it’s a good one. If that’s you, but you’re serious about making a living online, and want something straightforward and proven, then you may find something more affordable and to your taste here.

If you check the landing page, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s about Netflix, but it isn’t. But it is about a great method, suitable for newcomers, to make a decent living online. You can get your hands on Perpetual Income by clicking the button below: